EVENTJULY 24, 2019

FURANO: Bellybutton Festival 富良野へそ祭り

Hokkaido summer is really nice but relatively short. Until summer ends, there are two big wonderful memorable festivals that make Furano very unique ^^

On 28 and 29 July, HOKKAI HESO MATSURI will mark its 51th time since the very first was held. Through time, the fun-filled festival became a humorous and creative event with an aim to bring unity through laughter. Participants paint their bellies like funny faces then dance together through streets which gets Furano so fabulous at night.

There are also kiosks selling so many delicious local food at the event's venue.

Heso festival is definitely a fun event that is going to leave a good impression. Do not miss it!

And.. stay fun for the next post - another enjoyable event in August ^^

7月28日と29日には、北海へそまつりが開催されます。 参加者は自分のお腹に顔を描き、踊りながら街を練り歩くとても面白いお祭り!そのたにも、イベント会場ではたくさんの美味しい地元料理を売っているキオスクやステージでのパフォーマンスなど、様々なイベントがあります。



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