【TOMAR】About our COVID-19 Preventative Measures

With domestic travel slowly starting to resume, and the number of people from across Japan visiting Hokkaido is increasing by the day, now more than ever are we increasing our preventative measures against COVID-19.


  • For the time being, we will be taking the temperature of all of our costumers at check-in. In the event of a customer with a temperature of 37.5℃ (99.5‎°F), we will handle the situation on a case-by-case basis.
  • We also ask for your cooperation in sanitizing your hands when entering the building as well as wearing a mask in the common areas (share kitchen, lounge, etc).


  • Our staff are expected to report their temperature, and similar health related information when they clock in at the beginning of each shift. 
  • Our staff are expected to adhere to stricter hygeine measures, and sanitize frequently both during and outside of work.
  • Our staff are expected to wear masks both during work and in public.


  • Hand sanitizer is available in every bathroom, private room, and common area as well as near the stairwell and elevators.
  • Plastic barriers have been placed at the front desk.
  • Doorknobs, handrails, counters and shared appliances (e.g. coin laundery, microwave, etc) are cleaned and disinfected frequently during the day.
  • Efforts to increase air circulation throughout the building have increased. 


  • For the time being we are allowing costumers to eat and drink in the private rooms.
  • For the time being the number of people allowed in the dormitory rooms has been decreased to follow social distancing guidelines. A&B dormitories have been reduced from 24 people to 5, and the C dormitory has been reduced from 14 to 3. 
  • To prevent crowding and for our costumers' piece of mind, we are limiting the amount of people allowed to use the share kitchen at any given time. In the event that the share kitchen becomes crowded, we will allow costumers to eat in the lounge on the 3rd floor. We will also only be providing paper plates, bowls and disposable cutlery for the time being. Frying pans, spatulas and things of that nature can still be used normally.

We ask for cooperation in helping us maintain a safe enviroment for our costumers, staff and the community of Furano. If you have any questions, concerns or apects you'd wish to see improved, please feel free to call or eMail. Our native English speaking staff will be glad to assist you.


We look forward to seeing you!

Hostel TOMAR 

Nishikawa Ayako & Zachary Kurtz

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